Royal Canadian Legion OSI Special SectionSection Spéciale OSI de la Légion Royale Canadienne


The OSI Special Section executive is comprised of exclusively veterans. The founding Board is comprised of the founders of the OSI Special Section and in 2018 the Special Section will be holding election for half of the board positions, with a second election for the remaining half in 2020. Staggered elections ensure board continuity and stability. The founding non elected board members are considered "Interim" board members, elected board members will simply be "Board Members". The term for elected Board members shall be 4 years. Election of board members will be by OSI Special Section members via third party electronic voting.

The Board will vote on a bi annual basis for Board Officer Positions starting at the first board meeting after the 2018 election of half the board. Each officer lection term will be for two years. One board Vice President Position is reserved for a member/veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Board Positions and current occupant (all positions Interim)

President - Major General (Ret) Glynne Hines CMM, CD

Chair - Leading Seaman (Ret) Christopher Richardson MStJ

Vice President - Major(Ret) Roger Smith CD

Vice President RCMP - Staff Sargeant (Ret'd) Ghislain Lapierre

Vice President Family - Sgt (Ret) Alannah Gilmore CD

Treasurer- Lt Commander (Ret) Jill Carelton CD

Provincial Representatives

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