Royal Canadian Legion OSI Special SectionSection Spéciale OSI de la Légion Royale Canadienne


Who can be a member?

Any veteran. A Veteran is any person who is serving or has honorably served in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Commonwealth or its war time allies, or as a Regular Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or as a Peace Officer in a Special Duty Area or on a Special Duty Operation, or who has served in the Merchant Navy

Why be a member?

Your membership in the OSI Special Section supports our efforts to assist your brothers and sisters in service and their families deal with the reality of OSI.
Your membership will also offer you opportunity to jump in and get involved if you desire!

From working with homeless veterans to advocating, being a ear when one is needed to speaking to the community and taking away the stigmas, if you want to help, we have meaningful volunteer work for you!

Ready to join?

Send us an email at or use the Contact Us form.

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